Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to the Basics

It all started with growing herbs and flowers in the large window of our first apartment more than three years ago. There was something so lovely about being able to foster natural beauty even inside our tiny apartment. A small plot outside our apartment soon became a garden. When we moved to a home I planted a small herb garden and enjoyed drying the herbs in the back sunroom. And after we purchased our first home, we planted a vegetable garden and enjoyed savoring the seasonal harvest at dinnertime. It was a start.
A love for cottages has grown into a love of cottage gardening and living. It's gone beyond cute knick-knacks gracing a shelf or drooling over every shabby-chic style magazine that crosses my path to a longing for simplicity and resourcefulness. There's a practicality to cottage living that often gets pushed aside.
Our grandmothers and/or mothers were experts in the art of practicality. And I believe many people are going back to the sweet simplicity cottage life offers. It's a life where homemade bread and dried herbs can be found in the kitchen. Where gardens don't just boast flowers, but meals; decor is both charming and useful, and where the TV is often replaced by books, game nights, crafts, and quiet. It's where a love of gardening and cooking becomes a love of homesteading, even in the middle of suburbia.
I hope this blog can offer simple solutions and ideas for cottage living. And please share your solutions and ideas with us! Thanks for visiting Black Cat Cottage!


Thanks for visiting! It's nice to hear from you! :)